How much is it? How does it work? What certification do I need? How do I enrol?

I understand how frustrating, confusing and time consuming searching the internet for relevant information can be when considering personal training courses.

Trust me... I've been there!

Many course providers won’t display the price on their website, which usually means they're more expensive than everyone else.

Some will pressure and badger you with hard-nosed sales tactics.

And, others will even fake testimonials so their courses look the best.

What if you could get all the information you need in an ebook emailed directly to your inbox that you could read at your own convenience?

danthemanHi, my name is Dan Clay and I've been a personal trainer since 2002.

I’ve learned a lot in the last 16+ years working in the fitness industry and now it’s time to share what I’ve learned with you.

So... I've gathered and compiled all the resources you need into an E-book called:
How To Become a Personal Trainer’.

And, I've even included an added bonus:
‘How To Build A 6-Figure Fitness Business’.

I usually sell this information for $67, but for a limited time I'm giving it away FREE.

Inside you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to become a personal trainer and… how to be your own boss and start a highly successful personal training business.

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Dan Clay
Education Director
Functional Fitness Courses

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how to become a personal trainer


check Discover the certification you need for your ideal role.

check Learn what insurance you need and what you're covered for.

check Tips for choosing the right personal certification company.

check Find out how to get your start in the fitness industry.

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